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", "Mommy... GET IT OFF! "I call that a yes." Another he worked at Fantasy Island Adult Books. Zach is accidentally transformed into a werewolf-like creature and has his eyes set on a certain green-wearing Kratt brother. But Zach and other villains new goal of revenge: meet a new villain, The Great Death Steel, half robot and half human (a cyborg villain) and upon realizing that he had an evil lair hidden in the space locating Zach´s Tower, Donita´s Palace, Gourmand´s Restaurant and Paisley´s Pavers, and installing a evil computer, they begin to search for new villains to dominate, kidnap every a… Unfortunately their best option for success thinks of animals as less than wonders of nature. Como foram as horas que Chris passou no jato do vilão? Zach finds out Martin and Chris' deepest secret and uses it for his own gain. Zach screamed and jumped into the arms of one of the Zachbots. In \"Polar Bears Don't Dance,\" while adventuring in the Arctic, he wore a blue jacket, jeans, and boots, along with his Creature Power Suit. Genre(s) : Horror/Tragedy. His arrogance is not unfounded, however, as he actually is a pretty good inventor, and he is also very wealthy. Their only choice is to hire a stand-in technician. Zach said to himself and then he snapped his fingers and the Zachbots lined up. Come in to read, write, review, and interact with other fans. (my first fic bc quarantine & school sucks). Latest appearance ", Zach's favorite food is tomato soup, as seen in ". Head of Varmitech Industries Chris teaches Zach the joys of washing dishes. "Aviva go check on Chris!" Zach has a very thin build and very pale skin; he is barely taller than Chris. Martins eyes widened. Occupation Follow/Fav A Brother's Love. Its icky feet are scratchy! In an alternate universe, Chris Kratt had gone missing and assumed dead when he was a young child. Martin continued on his path in life and eventually met the crew of the Tortuga. His head is triangular in shape. Cartoons: Wild Kratts fanfiction archive with over 827 stories. But once the Wild Kratts got into her head at the age of four, she led her own path and became a Wild Kratt, thus betraying her father, Zach. Donita DonataDabioGourmandPaisley PaverRex ... Add to library 6 Discussion 13. This is a Wild Kratts fanfic about a boy who ran away from his sister, This is Adien James Forester's story. As seen in "Aquafrog" and "A Huge Orange Problem," Zach has very little concern for wildlife, willing to carelessly dispose of toxic chemicals in an inhabited pond just to clean his plane and blindly cut down trees in the Borneo forest just to get black wood for a side table. "Not happy to see me i see." Martin frowned. He typically wears a black turtleneck sweater, gray slacks, and black pointed shoes. We’ve got a special treat for you today.” (The Wild … Hair color "I don't that thing anymore go and take it away Wild Rats!" Despite this, he is also a coward. His inventions are able to display holograms, laser-like projections, hovering capabilities, and/or being able to camouflage. Koki (Wild Kratts) (49) Jimmy Z (Wild Kratts) (49) Zach Varmitech (33) Original Characters (11) Donita Donata (11) Gaston Gourmand (10) Dabio (Wild Kratts) (6) Include Relationships Chris Kratt/Martin Kratt (39) Chris Kratt/Zach Varmitech (14) Aviva Corcovado/Martin Kratt (6) Chris Kratt & Martin Kratt (4) Aviva Corcovado/Chris Kratt (4) "That's a hybrid of a Lion and a Tiger another one is a Tigon. Donita occasionally refers to Zach by his real name, "Zachary. (Mpreg) Add to library 16 Discussion 2. FanFiction | unleash ... Cartoons Wild Kratts. Zach smiled. First appearance By: Littlfluffydino13. The Ben 10 Universe meets the Wild Kratts Universe; Speed Pincher, Rubber Leopard, Zach Varmitech's Alien Robot Suit, and Fire Snake all make their Deubut; Zach Varmitech is taken into Plumber custody. What more is there to say? Play games, create a character, and more! He has an army of robot minions known as "Zachbots." Zach descobre o segredo mais profundo dos irmãos e o usa em seu próprio benefício... O que aconteceu no jato de Zach, depois que Martin, a pedido de Chris, voltou para a Tortuga? Zach is portrayed more comically than the other villains along with more slapstick moments; his screams are girlish, he constantly trips and falls, and he has to deal with the literal mindedness of his Zachbots. Biographical information Zach fully believes his inventions are superior to Aviva's, and often employs sabotage and unfair play to prove it, only to get his comeuppance in the end and get humiliated. Male Martin is a middle aged man a little bit above average height, with blue eyes, tan skin, and sandy blond hair with the cowlick showing. All made to his designs, and they work pretty well. His primary means of travel are a V-shaped jet, a large, gray cargo propeller plane, and a large, gray cargo jet. This Fanfic two shot will contain references of blood and possibly torture…still haven’t decided yet. "What the heck is that thing?!" The Wild Kratts would think that it's just a joke, or trick! And Chris's feelings for the evil genius takes over him...what will become of them? For years, (and years to come) Zach and tried and tried to get Kate to come back to him, but he always usually fails, even when he tries by force. As a child, he was still using animals to power his inventions. He is also shown to have fans that support him showing off his animal robots, which are not Zachbots. Then he decides to ruin their fun by using. Dislikes In "Creature Power Challenge" Zach attempts to ruin the brothers' fun by scattering a mud wallow everywhere, only to make things better for a rhino and elephant. Her loyalty and her hardworking attitude are two of the things that keep the Wild Kratts team strong and together. Baseado na fanfic de Izzoso - Superposição. Aiden: “This was a really great day.” Now, after everything he had done, he was going to tell her? Zach has been in the most episodes, which could lean on him being almost the main antagonist of the series. Get Martin Kratt and bring him here!" Signature color (Note: I wrote this in 2018 so grammar and spelling will be off) Zachary Bennett Zach probably has a fear of animals, since he often screams when he is near one. donita; whyareyoureadingthis; chris +18 more # 6. Two dark red boots stepped on the dark ground in the night without making much of a sound. Black Cb and cg :insanegetton. Plus, he doesn't even want Aviva to know! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Each character tells their story of coming out and getting used to this new realization. Even though Zach lived around the neighborhood, neither of the Kratt brothers really knew much about the other boy. He is also shown to be very dramatic. In this Wild Kratts film. Christina Margaret Krattis a member of the Wild Kratts crew; she is the youngest Kratt, and like her brothers, possesses a playful side and is characterized by the color hot pink. But unbeknownst to them, Zach begins eves dropping on Brandon to capture him and discover his secret identity. Skin color Zachary Varmitech Zach Varmitech: “Soon Donita, trust me.” (Zach looks through a periscope) While the villains spied on the Wild Kratts, Aviva was the first to come out as she spoke through a megaphone… Aviva: “Wakey, wakey everyone! When this love is reciprocated, the two must balance their relationship well convincing those around them they are enemies. To save Brandon, the Kratt bros must use the power of the pistol shrimp. Gallery He typically wears a black turtleneck sweater, gray slacks, and black pointed shoes. While Zach is chasing after the wild Kratts team, he runs into a mirror that changes who he is. Chris and Zach get in trouble in Maths class TOTALLY SFW. Koki is sane, serious, and easily annoyed, but she knows when to smile and goof off. Jurassic Kratts … While Chris and Martin are hanging out with a Peregrine Falcon, Zach kidnaps Chris and its up to Martin and the gang to save him! Pale (Fair as a child)[5] Aviva and Koki are portrayed as more mature-guiding sister figures for the brothers, despite sometimes they yell at the Kratt Bros. In "Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus," he steals the Arctic Pearl from a museum and plans to give to Donita, only to end up losing it in the ocean. Zach has an idea that benefits them both. Physical description Zach is the only villain whose name is not an alliteration. Zach has a very thin build and very pale skin; he is barely taller than Chris. "Aardvark Town" The Wild Kratts Crew writes autographs to the people. The Wild Kratts are off to a secluded island to get some downtime and relaxation. Martin glared at Zach as they waited for her return. In terms of physical strength, he is apparently weak as Gourmand once stated that he'd rather have Zach's arm strength than cook a farm turkey. Emerald Green This is a Wild Kratts fanfic about a boy who ran away from his sister, This is Adien James Forester's story. In winter climates, Zach takes to wearing a black trenchcoat tied at the waist along with gray gloves, slacks, short black heels and a gray turtleneck sweater underneath. If there is trouble, she gets right to solving it, often coming up with clever solutions. Martin muttered. https://wildkratts.fandom.com/wiki/Zach_Varmitech?oldid=71867, Teaming up with his fellow villains against the Kratt brothers, His robots taking his words too literally, His first appearance was in the episode ", In "Polar Bears Don't Dance" while Chris and Martin are following a mother polar bear and her cub (whom Martin names. Fanfic: It Ends Tonight. Later that evening the Wild Kratts and the Wild Kratt Kids were gathered around a campfire roasting hotdogs and marshmallows while Martin played his guitar. They had been rivals for many years! Can they walk the fine line of love or are they just too different? Zachary "Zach" Varmitech is a recurring villain in Wild Kratts. Rating: Teen. Martin asked and I roared. "That's Wild Kratts!" Black (sometimes red) All Martin really knew was that Zach was a little younger than himself, but still a little older than Chris. Zach is extremely arrogant, stubborn, and self-centered; he is also extremely narcissistic, often referring to himself as "the world's greatest mind" and programming his computers to call him “My Greatness,” in spite of the fact that his inventions often fail, and is even shown to have his own perfume.[6]. He has black, shiny hair and green eyes, sporting a small goatee. There at their vacation spot, they find an unusual called the pistol shrimp. In a flashback to his childhood, Zach is seen with a normal skin tone, freckles, and braces. The return of nature-girl(feat. Browse through and read wild kratts fanfiction stories and books. He has black, shiny hair and green eyes. Capturing animalsDonita DonataMaking robotics inventionsTorturing the Wild KrattsStealing the miniaturizerMaking money off of his inventionsTeaming up with his fellow villains against the Kratt brothersBeing tidyWinning So he attaches a bunch of mind control helmets to a bunch of walruses and makes them slurp up dozens of clams to find it. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. "Zachbots! Major Events. Zach's plots typically involve collecting animals and turning them into robots, but not all of Zach's plots deal directly with animals, rather the animals simply just get in the way. . She nodded and ran out the room. Then, I'll take care of. These plots include stealing inventions and trying to win competitions by cheating. His head is triangular in shape. The Wild Kratts’ usual villains take a relaxing break from evil to enjoy a nice dinner - wait, they need dates? There are screaming, singing, dancing and happy people. Relevant pages In "Choose Your Swordfish," it is shown that Zach has competent fencing skills, but not as good as Aviva. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10. tip: "uchiha sasuke/uzumaki naruto" angst kudos>10, Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, Rape/Non-Con, Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (6), Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu | EarthBound (1), Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Autumn is the fourth season and it is time to land the scapes, (I only made it rated teen because of the 'adult bookstore'), Not that this has any political statements in it, unless 'haha funny oompa loompa man got the wrong four seasons' counts, Mother 2: Gyiyg no Gyakushuu | EarthBound, I swear I write just to make Chris miserable, Top Zach just worked better in this scenario. He yelled. AvivaThe Kratt BrothersDefeatHumiliationAnimalsHis robots taking his words too literallyLoopty loop rides[1]Being attacked by animalsCute, baby creaturesChristmas[2]Fishing[3]Running[4] Zach said to his Zachbots and then the bots went off. "So you were the pink Tiger Trick?" Characters Wild Kratts Super Heroes Villains Evil. Kate Corcovado was once Zach and McKenzie Varmitech's daughter. His usual attire consists of khaki shorts, hiking boots, a white undershirt and a green sweater with a neck-length zipper and black stripes running across the sides, with the sleeves rolled up; he typically wears his Creature Power Suit over this outfit.In “Polar Bears Don… (All pictures made by skyfall00silva on DeviantArt) Enter the Wild Kratts Headquarters. List of human characters in Wild Kratts Chris always found a certain criminal the object of his hidden affections. Now, Zach, Donita, Gourmand, and Dabio, along with the paving villains have just returned, ready to challenge Chris, Martin, A-me-via, Conqi and Jimmy Z in a series of dinosaur rescue challenges. "What do you want Zach?" Due to his immense wealth and affinity for technology, Zach possesses various means of transportation, more than the other villains. Chris is a middle aged man of average height (he is shorter than his older brother, Martin), with tan skin, brown eyes, and dark brown hair with the bangs spiked up. She does not give up easily. Zach went to science camp with Aviva when they were children, and from there he developed a rivalry with her. Show information Aviva is helpless due to illness, Donita is on the rampage, and a lack of technical ability among the rest of the Kratts team leaves them unable to function. . Gender While in another part of the world Gourmand was capturing the ones in Africa and Madagascar and Zach was capturing the ones in Asia and Australia. Zach's prove "Argh the wild Rats and that girl are making it with problems with me! Allies Main characters: Chris Kratt, Martin Kratt, Kate Varmitech. However, the Kratt Brothers have a dozen or so dinosaur-sized creature power suit tricks up their sleeves. In winter climates, Zach takes to wearing a black trenchcoat tied at the waist along with gray gloves, slacks, short black heels and a gray turtleneck sweater underneath. He worked at Four Seasons Total Landscaping . Zach refused to believe his love for Aviva. He usually wears hiking boots, khaki shorts, and a blue jacket with the zipper zipped almost all the way down and black stripes running across the sides with the sleeves rolled up, along with his Creature Power Suit. Completed. Life is good as a creature adventurer, besides the occasional blip from the bad guys. The Kratt Sisters (A Wild Kratts Story) ... Two problems. Chris KrattMartin KrattAviva CorcovadoKokiJimmy ZWild Kratts Kids He has professional robotics and engineering skills, with highly advanced tools and weaponry. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Voiced by Both times he has shown selfishness and petty arrogance, usually leaving out of cowardice. Like aviva, kok… Browse through and read wild kratts fanfiction stories and books ... Zach and his Zach-bots find the cub. He has black, shiny hair and green eyes, sporting a small goatee. And when the Kratt brothers use Walrus Powers to stop him he traps them under the ice which nearly kills them. He typically wears a black turtleneck sweater, gray slacks, and black pointed shoes. He makes his robots do the dirty work, while he thinks up the plans. Zach usually kept to himself and didn't seem to like playing with others. Koki (Wild Kratts) Aviva Corcovado; Zach Varmitech; Donita Donata; Dabio (Wild Kratts) Gaston Gourmand; Paisley Paver; Rex (Wild Kratts) Awkward Romance; True Love; Trust Issues; ... Part 5 of Wild Kratts Fanfiction Tropes; Language: English Words: … Likes ", "First, you'll watch me eat your precious platycat egg omelette! (Mpreg) Work Search: D&D Beyond To travel by water, he either uses a steel-plated yacht or a gray submarine. (Sorry for the crappy description!) Aviva (see trivia): is a member and the unofficial leader of the Wild Kratts crew. ", "Zachbots, get me a thing that will dig a hole for my pool! “Adapto the Coyote” Due to his dislike of the Wild Kratts and their interferences, he usually refers to them as "Wild Rats" with at least one of the Wild Kratts usually correcting them, especially the Kratt brothers. Zach also seems to be very interested in the Wild Kratts' Miniaturizer, having made several thwarted attempts to steal it for himself when he gets the chance. He also has a small, black goatee. ... Add to library 1 Discussion 1. She is an engineer, inventor and is the creator of all the Wild Kratts inventions including the Tortuga and the Creature Power Suits. Enemies "Zack." Please consider turning it on! Fanfiction The Wild kratts are on another adventure when the one and only Zach Varmitech shows up. Tired of always being the responsible one, he enlists Zach's help to rebel. He has an enormous ego, one that nearly rivals, if not outright surpasses, that of Donita Donata's. She is not afraid to fight back when threatened and speak what is on her mind. Zach builds a replica the Omnitrix call the Varmatrix, and Ben teams up with the Kratt Brothers to get it and destroy it. Zach is accidentally transformed into a werewolf-like creature and has his eyes set on a certain green-wearing Kratt brother. Zach is so bad at taking care of himself the zachbots now have to delegate the work to the tortuga crew, Chris gets in a fight with his brother. Wild kratts) June 21, 2018 Logan logic Sanders . Zach's body is very thin, and his skin is very pale, as well as being barely taller than Chris. Language: English Words: 4,461 Chapters: 5/5 Kudos: 5 ... Dabio (Wild Kratts) (9) Paisley Paver (7) Exclude Relationships Chris Kratt/Zach Varmitech (12) Chris Kratt/Martin Kratt (10) … His head is triangular in shape. She is sassy, smart and competent. He is also somewhat sadistic, as he has been shown to resort to outright killing the Kratt brothers, such as when he lured them into an Arctic storm[6] and attempted to drown them[7][8]. When Zach must step down from his bad guy role, his brother steps in to his place and reins hell for the crew of the Tortuga. The Wild Kratts are on a mission to stop Zach Varmitech from using his robots to kidnap animals. Wild Kratts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. One of Martin!" Eye color Wild Kratts-Dinosaur Park adventures is a series of big, dinosaur-sized proportions. Zach and Donita in the episode "Mystery of the Weird Looking Walrus. Not for kiddies. He is a robotics inventor who uses animals in his inventions for various purposes, mainly to make money off them or to make them do things that he’s too lazy to do himself. Zach yelled. One, Zach and his Zach-bots find the cub. "It's not what i want, Its what i already have." This is the story of Christopher Varmitechs descent in to darkness. Unless if I make a clone of not Chris cause that went bad.

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