fierce conversations 7 steps

Speak and listen as if this the most important conversation you will ever have with this person. Achieving Success at Work in Life, One Conversation at a Time; 2 Fierce Conversations. Some keys to a fierce conversation are to get everything out in the open and find a way to say things that are difficult to say, such as sharing your thoughts without labeling them as truth and without judging the other person’s opinions. ‘Fierce Conversations’ is about achieving results - one conversation at a time. Clarify the issue What’s going on? Compassion – Rather than get locked into blame or guilt, we choose to be radically compassionate. If I am able to continue my role 4 days a week, I can continue the successful work we have done to improve the department. A theme that has come up in my maternity coaching (for #MTPTProject) is the challenge of having difficult conversations – often around what individuals want when they return to work. The problem named is the problem solved. To do that, she explains, one must transform everyday conversations employing effective ways to get the message across. How to Have Fierce Conversations

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