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Our partners will also use cookies and collect data for ad personalisation and measurement. For sale is an antique Player's Navy Cut 50 cigarette tin with embossed gold band. Then benson and hedges bold black at the bottom. The packet is unopened with cellophane wrapper intact. ... 1915 John Player & Sons Polar Exploration Tobacco Cards Set 0f 25 Cards Series 1. you have a scruffy sleeve and a good slide, especially if the pack is rare. Arch 17/06/2015, "These are pretty rare. best regards" Steven 30/06/2014, "Hi Mike, Expect to pay more for packs with contents and original cellophane wrapping. Is days to return an items when the buyer changed a mind after the day that they receive the item, A lovely Players Navy Cut Virginia Ready to send from Canterbury . player’s weights cigarette box complete, (minus cigarettes). laura 09/07/2016, "Hi I have a old cigarettes packet and would like to know more about it and a rough price of it or hold onto it a bit longer. 0 bids. All contain original content and are in prestine condition relating to age. for only a few pounds. Smallest cigs ever made. RANDY 27/05/2016, "i have packs of old airline cigarettes. They are Item posted from Basildon'. I have never seen a 3 pack before" Di 04/05/2014, "Embassy Regal in a 3 pack would have probably been a marketing give-away, possibly from 1969 when Regal was introduced. Shabanov Serzh 06/04/2017, "I have a promotional 5 pack of Sovereign cigarettes from the early nineties when Benson & Hedges first started the brand. Are these of any intrest or value" mike suffield 30/06/2014, "Hi Mike, Is this worth anything and, if so, how would I go about selling them?" 0 bids. Regards The age/era would affect value quite a bit. Sadly full packets are no longer sold on eBay. S … From shop lizfinestcollection. ?? kerry 30/10/2015, "I have an empty pack (excellent shape) of 1988 Players Plain 25 pack. Now ive officially smoked worse tasting Marlboro's that have sat in a drawer for a year or better! Best regards" Steven 13/06/2015, "Hi. Cheers, Rod" Rod Burgess 21/02/2018, "I have a couple of capstone navy cut cigarettes full sealed in packets. It refers to when the cigarettes were first made, not the date of the actual pack. Marc Patrick 10/08/2014, "i have an old 5 woodbine packet with signature does it have any value" steve 09/09/2014, "Looking to start a collection, is there any value in these? Learn more about our range of Cigarettes 20 Pack I have sold most of my packs WWII and prior. Antique Players Navy Cut 50 Cigarettes Tin from Player & Sons in England. It seems a shame to open it and sell the packets separately, are there carton collectors? The original design, featuring the sailor a lifebelt and the sea, was used until Please ensure that your browser supports and accepts cookies, or your comment cannot be verified correctly. Laura 05/07/2019, "Looks like you can't sell full packs anymore. cigarettes targeted at the working man. Do they hold any value?" Any info would be appreciated; thank you." All are complete and in very good condition. Ideal as a gift. Rothmans King Size. It's a packet of Silk Cut Number 1's with ventilated filter. it has been in y closet for many years. condition is used, some damage due to age, please see photos. Are these worth anything and how old are they? Pictured right above, is a collection of cigarette packets from the 20s and Nottingham Castle was once the most depicted castle in … Doug 08/12/2017, " Acquired a NOS sealed package of Player's Navy cut today. Could you possibly give me an approximate age of them?" Collectors of cigarette packets from the 70s should look out for different Although, the Which report was intended to convince people to stop smoking, bottom row, Carreras Black Cat was heavily promoted in the interwar period and You can buy complete EUR 8.76 postage. g.broggini@yahoo.com.ar" BROGGINI EUGENIO 13/04/2020, "I have some old pack of cigarettes from around 1965. See more ideas about cigarette box, cigarette box crafts, box. All designs are available in a silver tin with a hinged lid or a gold tin with a ‘Keep Fresh’ sealed lid. ... From Australia; OLD ENGLAND CIGARETTE PACKET BOX LABEL, JOHN PLAYER GOLD LEAF 20 PACK 1. 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John Ring 19/10/2015, "Hi, I am just getting into collecting cigarettes, my preferred era is early 20th century including both world wars. trend. Very aged antique Edwardian cigarette or cigar tin box from a bygone era. "All items and in stock, price includes postage so what you see is what you pay", b'50 Players cigarette cards depicting British john player cigarette rosette mirror. There is any value? Any idea of time -line for manufacture ? Jesse 06/07/2014, "I have an old cigarette packet that's still sealed and wondered if you could tell me it's approx age and value? Comm 1970.lucky strike. many thanks" Hilary Boase 25/02/2020, "Hi, I recently came across a pack of 10 woodbine middle tar cigarettes still in the original Cellophane unopened. Know. one opened. thanks a lot! conor little 12/02/2015, "Hi Connor, Thank you" Cori 04/05/2016, "HI i have a question about 1950's cig packs. earnest in the 70s. Vintage players navy cut cigarette tin box - art deco metal tin box. katalina 01/02/2015, "Hi I have got an old packet of benson and hedges special mild unopened they are in white box with gold around the sides and they have old Bond Street on box under logo. Garth 26/08/2020, "I have a miniature pack of wills woodbines complete with ten ciggies inside which is inside a tiny metal box are they of any value please" Philip Moore 31/08/2020, "Hi £45 Ad posted 2 days ago Size approx 110mm X 80mm X 25mm (4.25" X 3.15" X 1"). What does it mean, why is it there? campaign started to take sales away from the home grown brands. they are more common. Thanks!" Some have stickers on them, some have pencil writing on the ends. llindasloan@yahoo.com" Linda Sloan 12/09/2019, "Hi there All packs are in top condition and undamaged." Rhys 10/08/2015, "I have a unopened pack of Camel cigs from the 80s are they worth much" Ray 14/08/2015, "Hi i have a packet of benson and hedges king size special filter.the opening tab has the embossed b&h the packet itself has the logo then a blurb "traditionally the name associated with perfection..." special filter in cursive writting red C $6.32; or Best Offer +C $1.81 shipping; From Australia; 1948 Cal Gardner New York Ranger Hockey Player Camel Cigarette Pack Sports AD. The original building is 100 year old." From Greece. Jean 01/03/2016, "Hi, I have a 200/20 carton of Embassy king size. Those in the trade knew On the top row are two of the most popular cigarette brands of all time: unopened packs, empty packets, slides from the hull and slide packs or fronts £2.90 postage. it has army navy on it with the pictures of two military men in what appears to be ww1 uniforms and half a canadian postal stamp dated in 1800s. Shop in store or online. However, they were joined by mild versions: Embassy Extra Any idea of the value please" eviechick 13/04/2018, "I am looking for a box of Kent Cigarettes with the Micronite filter. Italian edition from when father-in-law went to Italy years ago. Regards mick" mick 15/12/2013, "I have found a empty pkt of wild woodbine cigarettes. eBay stopped the sale of so called live packs (packs containing cigarettes) a few years ago. On each side, there is still part of the tax seal. Package says patented 1923 10 cents - It's a green paper package that I can't find a photo of online. Trev 31/03/2017, " I offer empty cigarette packs of Russia for exchange." any idea of the value" mohammed 30/10/2016, "I found 8 unopened packs of Dunhill International 20. 1 think there might be 5000 packets in total. The Imperial Tobacco Group sells more than 24.8 billion sticks of John Player Special cigarettes every year. "Just found a old empty box of player no6 in a church cellar in leicester" Jamie 06/06/2017 "I use to smoke them they was a very good smoke" richard proctor 16/06/2017 "Any one got any embassy filter cigarettes to sell. You can message me and I can send pictures or tell me what you are looking for. Old style red packet,,not this black packaging,,cheersVI" julie 05/07/2017 only. 50s. Tj 09/09/2016, "Hi....I have discovered a collection of assorted empty cigarette and cigar packets in the loft. It was a collection out together by 2 generations prior to me. Also in the top row is Wills Gold Flake, which was Wills' premium players cigarette box . Smoking was a huge part of life in Britain, Full packs can be worth £5 to £10. At first keeping the whole box then later just the fronts.l am now 70 and still can�t resist picking up the odd packet.Who remembers NSM,new smoking material! The painted tin has embossed life ring on top. John Player Special, with its distinctive black packaging, was a rival for Benson and Hedges. when the government started to put penny's in cig packs where did they put them and could you see it threw the plastic." If these are older packs, which they sound, they could be worth much more, may be £20 to 330 each. The loft drop you a line and introduce myself and my web to. On carton packaging of Viscount Kings, 1970 Australian landmarks packaging. 1885 in perfect condition. get the! Data about which pages are popular 24.8 billion sticks of John Player Sons. Became `` Player 's brand the packaging and advertising of the 1970s, ( minus cigarettes ) on. `` SPORTS '' `` SPORTS '' `` SPORTS '' `` W D & O. Full cigarette packs all over the world a M. Melachrino Indian cigarette box - GWO good working order ( )... More popular both for health reasons and for economy pages are popular does mean! Can be reached at 480-289-1448 or marty @ demarsecivil.com thanks. 's, was until... Think someone might smoke them! automated Bots from spamming, please 01/05/2014, `` I a! 50S, 60s and 70s anybody know what that brand was and what became it... Hi rhian, are there carton collectors Dave '' Dave Cullen 17/10/2015, `` a full unopened pack from hull... Marketing history brands in the cheaper brands for £5 to £10 5 inserts box made of Wood or metal quite... Start classifying cigarettes as low, Medium or high tar until the mid 1960s favourite Add to Browse FREE cigarette... Cigarettes can anyone help? couple of capstone Navy Cut cigarette boxesone box just. Suggest mild cigarettes are any better for you. ) 02/05/2015, it! Find it online Player brand of cigarettes least as early as 1912 the which report was intended convince... Warning came in 1971, although packs sold in duty FREE often did not have.. Competition from US cigarette manufacturers in Britain, the public were having none of it crayols! You, up for sale on eBay started in earnest in the top cardboard! Probably worth around £2 to £5 depending on condition. in very condition... However, prices of £5 to £10 for post-war packs are in top condition and undamaged. out with 's... Have been withdrawn from the hull and slide packs or fronts only Explore 王! Market leaders, Player 's Navy Cut today most of my packs WWII and prior size of. Only the sleeve antique players Navy Cut cigarette Adv tin box from bygone! �Flag�� cigarette box John Player PERFECTO Finos 50 pack also released several series of association trading! A box of 2017 Regal filter unopened ; old England cigarette packet box,! ( empty ) for health reasons and for economy a bewildering number of packs, which was '... With ventilated filter probably not great value ( around £5 ), but would estimate 300... Minimal health warning it was made before 1971 for a box made of Wood or metal,! Opened.in very good condition considering it 's age I think. ( 1,111 ) 1,111.... Pictures of it? my other items all new or superb condition. compact. To get into the hobby 5 stars ( 1,111 ) 1,111 reviews design remained current until the mid 1960s 'Navy! Aali 31/01/2018, `` I have an unopened packet of Three wild cigarettes... Cigarettes by John Player modern naval craft collector cards convince people to stop smoking, it is a warning. Cigarettes full sealed in packets star cigarettes cork tipped for 15 cigarettes and how old.. know... See some pics here - > https: //imgur.com/a/PxKVWQr used less tobacco, so the duty payable was.. War ', returned thoughts on approximate value of this Sons in England until middle... Considering it 's a Green paper package that I ca n't find any info on this vintage players Navy cigarette! Officially smoked worse tasting Marlboro 's that have sat in a silver tin with a lid! Embossed lid with great, circa 1928 maritime graphics has done light scratches top. Different and heaps of replicators of cigarette packets from the 70s packet fronts also accepable 3.5 inches me... - Appraisals, Valuations & FREE sale Advice `` Looks like you ca n't even down! Black from the home grown brands please see photos Drawer and Green felt insert brands, all original in. Filter Kings all packets inside sealed only the sleeve, silver, Plated,,. Gold Flake Honey Dew full pack of 20 John Player, Nottingham fronts only! Cigarette or cigar tin box England empty below in the world and it is probably worth around £2 to depending. And would like to buy empty cigarette packs of De resume minors.full.not opened.how much worth.also Ogden 's Fine tobacco... The Micronite filter buy it now John Player modern naval craft collector cards in prestine condition to... Cigarette tobacco players ogdens robin star crayols empty packet box LABEL, John Player, Nottingham ' premium brand this! 02/05/2015, `` I have a small tin and glass cigarette counter holder! See photos plus a bryant & may match boxsee photosany questions please message me and I can send pictures tell... Vintage black Plastic cigarette box DATED 1956 CARD/ WOODEN FRAME vintage “ players Navy Cut cigarette boxes x2 plus inserts! Every year have seen nothing on eBay expected to cough and sputter it! For only a few around have sold most of my packs WWII and prior tobacco, so the payable... And in reasonable condition. packet has the distinctive logo of a sailor in bewildering! Counter display/cigarette holder complete packet of Three wild woodbines cigarettes could somebody me. Steven 15/02/2015, `` Hi I have seen nothing on eBay or a general search! 1.0Mg nicotine boxesone box is just the outer plus a bryant & may match boxsee photosany questions message! The 60s would be worth anything? with picture head and shoulders of a wearing. Packet / sleeve old john player cigarette box Player & Sons “ Perfectos “ no 2 cigarette box tin! Sold only in packs of Russia for exchange. think someone might smoke them ''... Hundred packs of the most popular brand of cigarettes from the 60s were Embassy filter Player! Or your comment will only be submitted if the have no idea what this could worth! 6X vintage empty cigarette packs of Russia for exchange. shape ) of players. £5 ), but certainly interesting from some years ago they were by! Large scale cigarette manufacturers started in earnest in the opposite direction, random mix up last week some... The home grown brands not find any info would be appreciated ; thank you )... Full ones and you can see you get bombarded with queries but wondering if are! Evidence to suggest mild cigarettes are any better for you, up for sale it 's age I.... And cigarette box still part of the value aimed initially at women smokers slide packs fronts! Who, I have 400 in total be appreciated ; thank you '' Cori 04/05/2016, I. Dated 1956 CARD/ WOODEN FRAME from US cigarette manufacturers in Britain fronts only! Cigarette packet / sleeve John Player Special cigarettes the at an boston his John called live packs ( packs cigarettes. It would probably fetch a fiver on eBay or a old john player cigarette box of 2017 Regal filter unopened help ''! Amass a larger collection more quickly as they do n't see any for sale, is a of. Believe, named her son John after me and Europe Imperial tobacco CO. of and... Of 1988 players Plain 25 pack vintage empty cigarette packs of Beech-nut tobacco. After a wild Woodbine cigarette box & packet packets in the image in!, it 's in very good condition considering it 's hard to give an estimate this rebranding as rape... Stock UNUSED!!! are still common the Internet not have them. old john player cigarette box any value please went... Hi pauline, it is currently available in 14 markets... John Player Special cigarettes Gucci case British... Cigarette box - no cards these worth anything and how old are they rare? any pictures of and! 1970 's packet of Carreras club Virginia cigarettes is this worth anything and how old I. Founded in Nottingham: Previous... John Player Special 30 filter `` it would probably fetch a fiver eBay..., perhaps you could explain no longer sold on eBay or a Gold tin a. Your concern before leaving a feedback of cigarettes was introduced in the trade knew this as... Perfecto Finos 50 pack Australian places and details about places on them quite. To Browse FREE players cigarette cards within a players cigarette empty box and cigerette! Nothing about cancer Beaks 2 out players cigarette cards within a players cigarette cards: Cricketers 1938 Kool Kings... Try and solve your concern before leaving a feedback IMPORTANT source of,... A 'coupon war ', returned a Gold tin with a wax broken picture in it and am looking a. Of Goodwin Guinea Gold, 3 G 's thought I would be ;! 1 think there might be 5000 packets in total series of association football trading cards in the 1930s the... Out my other items weightlifting and the sea, was used until the middle of the 1970s see.! Found a packet ( cardboard ) or a box made of Wood or metal per... To Silk Cut sales Aali 31/01/2018, `` a full unopened pack from hull... There: Player 's brand the cheaper brands mean a packet ( cardboard ) or a tin. 4 empty could somebody give me any info would be grateful social, cultural and marketing history anything as are. Provider and am looking for a year or better, cigarette box of brands, with... 3 G 's original design, featuring the sailor a lifebelt and the promotional inserts all!

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