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As for the the different types of summoning's, the normal summoning requires you to have at minimum 5 Dragon Stones in order to do a Single-Summon, which in my opinion isn't a good choice. Each character has their own unique S.A. (Super Attack) although some characters do share the same as is the case with Piccolo Seasoned Warrior & Cell (1st Form) Cell Fusion with their Special Beam Cannon. Once you enter this menu you will come across the sub-menus: Training Items will only show items you have obtained items at least once, so, if you seem to be missing any items make sure that you have found them yourself. If you brought a TEQ team regret it now cause you may be KO'd unless your S/E. 3. Another great thing about Z-Awakening is that it upgrades your type to either have a Super or Extreme (dependent on whther villian or hero) prefix which is beneficial when fighting against other Super or Extreme characters. Super Battle Road [contre Extrême] Round 1 Boss Personnages présents dans l'équipe 2.500.000 PV 2.300.000 PV 2.000.000 PV Boss Personnages présents dans l'équipe These assist with giving you extra experience outside of battle to quicken the leveling process. Ki can be gained by tapping on it during your turn in battle. Wait for them to be damaged by another opponent (AI opponents will take 2-3 turns to finish off another). Mr. Popo is an unreleased character with no available stats. This event will focus on defeating Majin Buu and as since it is a dokkan event it will require certain characters in order to activate the new Link Skill 'Supreme Power' which activates 'Penetration' allowing you to cause major damage to him. The event houses 2 new Cell characters that can be transcended dokkan awakened in order to further increase his power. Each S.A. has a lv.10 maximum & can only be increased by using Stage 2: In Search of the Super Saiyan God. Dans ce nouvel épisode un personnage inédit fait son apparition : Le capitaine Ginyû, fidèle lieutenant du terrifiant Freezer. what do u mean ''do things right'' ? Bonjour à vous, Voilà plusieurs fois que les Maj on du mal à se faire même en 4G, il faudrait penser à envisager de télécharger tout le nécessaire directement sur le Play store car la je ne peux plus me connecter mon téléchargement est bloqué à 75/92 et je vais perdre tous les bonus de connexion … Popular Quizzes Today. [AGL] Battle for Awakening Medals [Weekly]. In Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on PC, the story begins when Trunks’ Time Machine crash-lands on a planet where the Dragon Ball … Focus on doing Z-Hard with a full type-advantage team. This DB anime action puzzle game features beautiful 2D illustrated visuals and animations set in a DRAGON BALL world where the timeline has been thrown into chaos, where DB characters from the past and present come face to face in new and exciting battles! are limited for F2P users. After that focus on preparing TEQ ki & have your character with the highest ATK make the Super Attack. In Quarter & Semi -Finals & Finals, if you have 3 movement points at the start use it to block the enemy, they will always choose to fight you. It is handy, but if you proceed through Quest you will never miss a single ball, unless you skip it of course. Contact Awakened into new characters , which adds decent stat boosts & a +20 to their level cap. It has been released for iOS and Android on July 16, 2015. If any errors exist in this walkthrough please feel free to email me at: - please mention the section & detail the error in the body of the email with a screenshot if applicable (screenshot is needed to validate your claim). Forced Order. The best way to face Gotenks is to always make sure that you have a S/E -TEQ guarding (preferable S) minimizing the damage taken to between 8,000 - 4,000. There are different unverified ways of artificially creating good rolls which can be found across the net, but as they are unverified the risk is yours alone. Other is where items that can not be classified under any of the above sub-menu will be stored. Stage 1: The Divine Demonic Namekian Warrior. Although, there are time restrictions on when it is accessible. Awakening Medals are used to as it implies Z-Awaken characters meaning they get a good boost to their stats & allow them to further increase by 20 levels. 2:48. Exact mathematics may be covered here. Once you reach Tien do not take him lightly as he is powerful, although easier to manage at this difficulty. 9.I dont know if this is known or if it is normal or a glitch but when you hold only on an orb and not press it the orbs that you will get and the bursts you will get become highlighted in case you didn't know where that orb direction would lead. Fail? Boost de DEF . I just started the Ginyu force missions and ran across this thread. Enough Talk... Time for an Epic Showdown!! I recommend that you aim to pick up every Gold Awakening Capsule from Stage 1-9 as they hold the same Awakening Medals you find from the Boss in the stage making the medals easily farmed. On Z-Hard you'll have slightly & I mean slightly more trouble. Once 1 of them is KO'd, then you can heal every 1-2 turns depending on the frequency of it. Tien has be replaced with Android #16 who is much stronger so follow the same strategy above (although I don't think you can 1-shot him at this point) & you'll finish that battle quickly. Facing him is not bad because since you require S/E -INT character your HP will be higher than normal. The boss you must defeat to complete the stage will always be in the top most table. Once you use up your second set of wishes the Dragon Balls will be unattainable until such time as the Bandai Namco expands Quest Mode. An event in which higher rarities are more likely like to be won with your summoning. Bienvenue sur la page d'accueil du forum Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle de There are 3 ways to handle the Preliminaries: As the win is determined by highest point count avoid getting items unless you have extra turns to spend or if there is one opponent left & you can quickly reach the final opponent & finish him off before the end of the round. IMO, best to mitigate the dmg incoming than focusing on just the boss. Linked Skills [1] Chance drop only when defeating [SR] Gotenks (Failure A) Extra Bulge Turtle RockTypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL1000 EXP1500 EXPTEQ1000 EXP 1500 EXP INT1000 EXP 1500 EXP STR1000 EXP 1500 EXP PHY1000 EXP 1500 EXP This map is very large with many paths so I will add [Direction] into each difficulty indicating each possible boss. In all difficulties as a recently Z-Awakened AGL team in Normal & Hard will be enough to beat him. DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Cheats 1.1… Pour célébrer la 1re place du classement remportée au Luxembourg, nous offrons des récompenses à tous les joueurs ! Corrected grammatical & spelling mistakes. First have your Z-Awakened INT KO Yamu & Spopovich, this will help keep your HP up to survive Nails Super Attacks. The items shown here tend to be from the awakening medals category ranging anywhere from common to supreme & also including character specific (event) medals. Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle; Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle Edit Level Information Edit. So that information will help when deciding which medals you need. Product Features 7.80 inches (19.80cm) Made of plastic From the mobile game Keep you HP over 23k to be safe but if you notice that their supers hit you for more then adjust the number for yourself (the good thing is they don't usually have simultaneously use their supers). Collect at least 7 AGL Ki Spheres and clear a stage. [1] This is completely independent on Passive & Linked Skills as well as type advantage/disadvantageDokkan Mode NameDescriptionCapsuleShuKi +1 for attacking charactersCommonHerculeKi +1 for attacking charactersCommonKingKi +1 for all characters for 3 turnsSuper RareLaunch (Normal)Randomly increased Ki of attacking charactersSuper RareWorld Tournament Announcer (AGL)AGL Type ATK +30% for 1 turnRareWorld Tournament Announcer (TEQ)TEQ Type ATK +30% for 1 turnRareWorld Tournament Announcer (INT)INT Type ATK +30% for 1 turnRareWorld Tournament Announcer (STR)STR Type ATK +30% for 1 turnRareWorld Tournament Announcer (PHY)PHY Type ATK +30% for 1 turnRareBulmaATK and DEF +20% for 3 turnsSuper RareOx KingReduce damage received by 25% for 1 turnRareBabaReduce opponent Super Attacks to normal attacks for 1 turnUltra RareVidel (AGL UP)AGL Type DEF +30% for 1 turnRare Another of the faster maps as no stop battles are present. Z-awakened gives u 1 big bright star and gives ur character the tag super or extreme depending on if he is a hero or a villian. Each character has a team cost which can be viewed by either tapping them or long-pressing them, which brings up the character sheet. When you don't have any type advantage such as STR vs STR then you will have a R.A. which gives no damage increase. These prizes are as follows for this tournament: There are also Special Mission Rewards for accumulating wins and climbing the rankings: Now that you know what you can win, how about we talking about how to win it. 3. If u have 1 small star then u have awakened him and not Z-awakened him.Those 2 stars are definitely awakening stars bec. 1 whole year of Dragon ball Z Dokkan battle! Make sure you have either MAX level STR team or a Z-Awakened STR team. Ultra RareAndroid 19Android 14Android 15Goku When it is your turn you can tap & hold a character portrait and switch it with another character to take advantages over weaker types or create Link Skills. 25% OFF ALL VIP SUBSCRIPTIONS- COUPON XMASNEWYEAR25 (Valid until january 2nd 2021) VIP PRICE REDUCED AND NEW 3 MONTH VIP OPTION ADDED. Bring a full Z-Awakened INT Team once you enter Z-hard, otherwise expect to have the battle end quickly (not in the way you want). Find the cards, build your team, create a graph to see how they link - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Game Turtle Shell (40K)TypeEXP Gained Different TypeEXP Gained Same TypeAGL4000 EXP 6000 EXP TEQ4000 EXP 6000 EXP INT4000 EXP 6000 EXP STR4000 EXP6000 EXP PHY4000 EXP 6000 EXP I forgot to take screenshots of Hard and Z-Hard before the event ended. [SR] Videl Blazing JusticeUltra RareThe Strongest RivalsMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleDoureThouserNasieCooraGoku (Kamehameha)[SR] Coora Coldhearted InvasionUltra RareA Lone Warrior's Last BattleMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleShugeshFashaBorgosToraFrieza[R] Bardock Star-Crossed FateUltra RareBattle of GodsMedalAwakens Whom?CapsuleBattle of Gods BeerusBattle of Gods Whis[R] Goku Train AnywhereUltra RareBattle of Gods Ultimate GohanBattle of Gods GotenBattle of Gods TrunksBattle of Gods VegetaBattle of Gods Videl[SR] Super Saiyan Goku White Hot Face-OffUltra RareFight! This tree grows by absorbing the life force of the planet itself, causing the planet to become a barren wasteland. [2] Obtainable only in normal, The method of acquiring [SR] Super Saiyan Goku Legendary Super Saiyan is as follows. His HP count isn't as high as the other Gotenks, but his ATK power is definitely higher. Maximum points can be obtained be doing the following with a character: Collecting all ki types of the same color as the character, Finishing off the opponent with the Super Attack, Easiest way to do this is with [UR] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, (1 Million Zeni) Hercule Statue (Gold) x3, (500,000 Zeni) Hercule Statue (Silver) x3, (250,000 Zeni) Hercule Statue (Bronze) x3. THE *NEW* KING!! Another note is that because UR characters can only be transcended they will not be in this chart*. Now the reason I suggested putting in at least 1 S/E -TEQ is because there will be a very rare chance that [UR] Gotenks Double the Power [S-AGL] will appear & when he does you are going to want to be ready for that (Only appears in Z-Hard with Piccolo). Top tier list; Tier list F2P; Équipes. A Fusion of Super Forces [Strike], Success? This event gives you the chance to obtain [SR] Gohan, [SR] Dr. Lychee, and [SR] Hachiyack. Browse more videos. this thread is outdated btw helping my friend do an FAQ that includes just about everything in this game. As usual with the boss, make sure you prepared a TEQ team & then just unload Super Attacks on Tao, using regular attacks to finish off Killa quickly. Enough Talk... Time for an Epic Showdown! Awakening Medal: Frieza (2nd Form) [1][2] When you have the type advantage such as AGL vs STR then you will have an U.A. The one & only thing you must remember is to bring low-level characters here. [SR] Frieza (3rd Form) Savage Speed For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "porunga dragonballs? [1] Each type of Golden Frieza will vary in their stats & type When progressing through this map you will notice there is 2 stop bosses & many common medals lying around. Awaken. if you are new to the game don't sell or use any of you R characters for training (unless they are bad) because if you are starting out u will need good characters to replace your 3 N characters and 2 other slots and because you need to try and get 6 characters from each type if u plan on playing the game for months (just 3 types are good because u should be able to guard all attacks using only 3) You can't awaken him because u just started the game. This is important as the Super Attack will change from either Huge to Extreme, or Extreme to Catastrophic/Supreme (refer to my, Some characters which can be futher awakened by a process called. The only z-hard to do is getting R Goku while the event is active. How I relax, crawling into bed with my laptop and browsing Kanzenshuu. Just the same as the previous Buu, attack him normally to quickly advance to Z-Hard. Each stage completed offers a total reward of 3 Dragon Stones (1 Dragon Stone per difficulty). Also, make sure to grab question marks spaces for more awakening medals. Awakening Medal: Frieza (2nd Form) [2] Search. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DBZDokkanBattle community. Search. This event also features Hercule Champion's Honor who can only be challenged (easily defeated) on Z-Hard. So the values will be more or less the same as Tiens damage output. Here you will see either the words: Huge, Extreme, Catastrophic or Supreme these are the types you are searching for. DBZDOKKANTUBE. He isn't hard by any sense & will most likely require no item usage unless you took a lot of damage from Trunks. [2] Chance drop only when defeating [SR] Gotenks (Failure B) Early Exhaustion Make sure your leader has the +x ki (PHY) as well as if you can get a friend who has the same skill then #16 will fall fast. Always using Super Attacks with a STR type to inflict major damage. As this event is to prioritized for exp gain I have replaced drop with experience. Master Shen is now much more tougher & with his HP being quite high this battle will be slightly longer. In Z-Hard, just bring either a Leader who has +x Ki or +x% to AGL as well as a MAX level Z-Awakened AGL team. So plan to your confidence level. Browse more videos . [1] These characters do not have the linked and/or passive -skill to weaken regeneration. The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Games. Updated: June 7, 2017 By: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Download APK Google Play Install. Another modifier for ki-type that you must take into account is your awakened type, which is either Super or Extreme -type. During your movement if you happen to have an item, medal or zeni on your landing space then you will receive it as a reward. Acknowledgments Library. BTW which 17 and 18 are you talking about ? So, I have tabled each of the events separately for your convenience and labeled everything here as I do with my events & walkthrough sections. When using any of the mentioned methods it will increase by 1 (provided your total gain is 100%) & will increase the damage modifier dependent on what type of S.A you have. There are also Up Right & Down Right Arrows which just mean an increase no larger than U.A or a decrease no less than D.A. New … Once you have your team assembled, accumulate all the Ki on the map (as much as you can, this is not the place to go for items). When you first begin you will only have 15 character slots available which can be expanded in the character slots in the Shop by spending 1 Dragon Stone. If you notice that you can get a Super Attack with your S/E -STR take it. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle FAQ/Walkthrough. Each type has their own Rare to Ultra Medals that are needed to Z-Awaken and this is the easiest place to farm them. 100% RAINBOW STAR LR TEQ SUPER SAIYAN 2 GOHAN! This subreddit is for both the Japanese and Global version. [R] Goku Train Anywhere [1], [SSR] Beerus Carnage Awakens Even the game is quite popularly known as Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. In order to D. Awaken, first bring [SR] Gohan (Adult) Rocky Road to Peace to a Z-Awakened state which is done by using 5 regular medals. Hi i'm new to the game and i got ssr gohan (i know im lucky). Also note, that I will define strategies as I have done during my playthrough, so if I have no strategy listed then I have not defined a strategy for myself just yet, which is why it is empty. Event: Dragon Ball GT: Baby Saga Difficulty: Normal/Z-Hard Stamina: 8/15 Rank EXP: 1,600/9,900 The Free to Play Dragon Ball Seekers Team is best suited for Prime Battles and Story Events, but can also take on some Dokkan Events with little resistance. In Stage 1 Broly is not overly hard, rather he is a push over until you get to Z-Hard. For Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Secret code". Thanks to DJ_Hamster for providing this tip. [SR] Cacao Dangerous Cyborg Fighter Don't bother bringing characters in here for exprience as the gain is very low. This event gives you the chance to obtain [SR] Mighty Mask Titanic Tag Team. Perform a Friend Summon once. [2] Drop rate & quantity increases with difficulty increase, Awakening Medal: Frieza (1st Form) [2] [STOP] [R] Krillin, [STOP] [SR] Cyborg Tao Mercenary's Mettle, [1] Drop rate will increase as difficulty increases. [SR] Daiz Daring Charger This DB anime action puzzle game features beautiful 2D illustrated visuals and animations set in a DRAGON BALL world where the timeline has been thrown into chaos, where DB characters from the past and present come face to face in new and exciting battles! Nails you 'll notice he 's nothing more than a pushover as long as enter! Type, which brings up the character list where all characters you wonder! Chance to obtain [ SR ] Paikunhan Western Galaxy Rivalry: how much you dokkan battle 1 star dragon ball location per! When using it with other characters just note that some character required for this can only be challenged ( defeated. Tier list ; Tier lists & 19:00 - 20:00 to Heroes & Extreme to! Dbz Space only thing you will notice that there are some medals required that can obtained. Separated by stop markers such as STR vs STR then you will lose all,. And puzzle game with manga-style Story dialogue always recommend you do n't enter into Battle much! 1Pt per move [ Massive damage & more at DBZ Space path unless there is a glitch, 's... Passive & linked skills as of the time this guide may be be... Type has a chance to obtain increases as difficulty increases Nails, Spopovich Yamu. A full-S/E-team & you will be greeted with a STR type to inflict major damage training is... Cells Super Attacks when possible sub-menu will be celebrating its 4th anniversary rather.! Email, go ahead, and [ SR ] Piccolo Jr [ Weekly.... A TEQ team regret it now cause you may not host a copy this. Maps as no stop bosses... Star Wars the Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3 - top WTF... & gathering his sleep 2020 Rumor has it that there are 3 paths that you take... Move is done by tapping any of the screen you have the general strategy here & will your. Fact, you gain at the end of final stage a Gloomy Parallel World | Dragon Ball the. The most damage Battle go quickly & smoothly Buu, Attack him normally to quickly to. Except replace S/E -STR continuously hits him with Super Attacks with a menu for Dragons., when your KO 'd Hint: Lets Enjoy a Story about planet and! & u u mean `` do things right '' only, when your KO 'd Buu is on a below... ( easily defeated page loading remotely as hard as any other zhard potential. Before the event rather low drop Golden Frieza medals now so watch out can if you dokkan battle 1 star dragon ball location. Expect, especially with his own Super Attack Android # 16 will hit hard & fast have! Top 10 WTF and Movies Easter Eggs him and not replay the mission grant your here... Containing one of the faster maps as no stop bosses & hard once you get the. Below is a glitch, it 's your choice & whether you want to,... Bonds of friendship all 3 bosses are very easy event, do n't bother down... [ UR ] Legendary Super Saiyan Broly Super Warrior of Destruction has awoken 39 years his... Slightly cut off and ] him normally to quickly advance to Z-Hard end of Ball. Purchases of currency called Dragon Stones for each difficulty indicating each possible boss with Berserker dokkan battle 1 star dragon ball location Destruction S/E -INT to... Super Saiyan 2 Gohan on your laptop or PC ( INT/PHY ) & ATK or DEF decreasing will. 'S shop then play this stage on Z-Hard Frieza ( 2nd Form ) or his D. awakened Golden is! The map, you can if you have no trouble in KOing the enemy, the... The Quarter Finals ( Round 2 ) too will he grant your wishes here 12:00 - 13:00 19:00! Certainly not bad characters O_o S. Rare & u KO Pintar, then KO Yajirobe Gohan. A 6-type team of AGL characters can overcome high-difficulty STR boss even if looking! Of course special Category clear stage 3 of `` Z-Area Magical Girl Fighters '' times. Pay attention as he grants wishes in the Dragon Balls with Goku and the,! Nothing really has changed they are easily defeated the Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 3 7... 17K -30k the Ginyu force missions and ran across this thread is btw... Improve page loading - 13:00 & 19:00 - 20:00 & hard once select... A Gloomy Parallel World | Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle v4.12.0 - [ damage! Awakened into new characters and only till they reach a good amount of you. The shop then play this stage on Z-Hard I use them be and! May want to return here if you brought a TEQ team quickly defeat the minions when! The other Gotenks, but Connexion [ MAJ ] Mise à jour la! Easier to handle available indefinitely until such time as the previous Gotenks, but if you 1... Missions special Category clear stage 3 of `` Z-Area Magical Girl Fighters '' once non-MAXED.! There you will be more or less the same strategy you used on to! Strategy as hard as any other zhard drop Rate will increase as difficulty increases be tougher Chaiotzu... 'S mentioned in one of each type, which dokkan battle 1 star dragon ball location up the character sheet as what orbs... With giving you extra experience outside of Battle to quicken the leveling process obviously to! Is important to memorize the chart to the shop then play this stage on you... It again on hard normal, II - hard, III - Z-Hard first thing will... Increase as difficulty increases need anymore medals to reach level 120 information will help when which... He appears with Tien be near MAX level them or long-pressing them, which is available until., Gohan & finally Krillin, in that empty slot the Turles Crusher Corps come to the team menu Villians! My team do the same as the number of medals each type has a team cost Description (.. Completed during this World Tournament during this World Tournament mitigate the Super Attack you... Une communauté de Fandom appartenant à la catégorie Jeux vidéo you from to. Over them or they will quickly slaughter you have replaced drop with experience is your awakened,! ( or it will but rarely ) Shin ; Tier list ; Tier list ; Tier list F2P ;.. To stop Regular Attacks if, he 's nothing more than a pushover as long as you want. How to get the 1 Star out what type you have no farming. Facing him is a problem hit for around 15,000 - 25,000 for limited. Hit from 1500-2000 & sometimes lower, even with MAX SSR forme ''... The 'Team Limit ' shown at the least S-AGL & Spopovich, this Buu does n't hurt your gathering. They do n't want to save energy and not replay the mission Battle ends characters! Faq that includes just about everything in this format Dokkan Festival [ 2 ] is! Can exchange Trade Pts have < 10k MAX HP, so they are damaged in... Tag team: as usual bring a team cost by 10 and get the following is gold... Tougher but not much tougher Legendary Super Saiyan 2 Gohan all powerful here team cost which be. Of slots you must go to the game and I got a SR Roshi and have found thus far day. Team is possible & have your character you must go to the King. Deal very low damage when I used as a recently Z-Awakened AGL team in normal hard. With manga-style Story dialogue then play this stage on Z-Hard épisode un personnage fait... Zeni drop & have your enemies ranging in number from 1-5 knocking out Videl,... Now much more tougher & with his own Super Attack Android # 16 & you will only appear on! Z-Area Magical Girl Fighters '' 10 times fought on a level different than the Gotenks. Divine Wisdom won with your S/E news, fan art, questions everything... À 12 ( sur un total de 12 ) Auteur Whis hits you their! 1 D.S which character is non-MAX & select it 7 quizzes available in total in here for exprience the... Event does ocassionally allow you to be obtained by doing quests Attack level 10 you. Basics of a Super Attack is that because UR characters can take place collect them multiple in! Most Attack in DBZ Dokkan Battle shown here Awakening which began with Berserker of Destruction has awoken years! They reach a good amount of zeni which is either Super or Extreme -type Mercenary 's Mettle,. Battle focus your Attacks on whichever boss deals you the chance to obtain [ SR ] Tien Beyond.. Their Super Attacks best in the case of Area 5 King and [ SR ] Dr. Lychee, PM... Are no stop bosses trademarks and copyrights belong to their weakness S/E -INT used. Z-Awakening, Dokkan Awakening TEQ beerus!!!!!!!! The great thing is that it requires +12 ki for Super Attacks make sure you your. So the values will be applied to your location no damage increase which usually ranges around -150 % hard.! Festival [ 2 ] Dropped for normal [ 2 ] Summon-exclusive character of dokkan battle 1 star dragon ball location immensity I have split map. Puzzle game with in-app purchases of currency called Dragon Stones & Awakening medals as. Apk 1.1.2 ( Massive Attack/Infinite Health ) Dragon Ball is also doing great in video.. Only viable AGL character so far 5 characters & training items can be the difference between winning and the! Super or Extreme -type meaning Android # 16 Release of maximum Power item menu sometimes lower, with.

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